Built on a 50-year old legacy


The Beekay Group is built on a strong foundation of production excellence and continuous improvement. The Group has a true backbone of steel - flexible, durable - and incredibly strong. Born in 1972 as a rolling mill in Kolkata, it took Beekay just 20 years to expand beyond Bengal, setting up state-of-the-art facilities in Vizag, Chennai and Jamshedpur. Product quality, servicing and competitive pricing created a winning mix for the Group. Years of industrial research and quality control has made Beekay a trusted name across sectors. Executive Chairman, Mr. Suresh Bansal, mirrors Beekay’s high standards in his working method. Under his able leadership, Beekay Group hopes to continue scaling new heights without compromising on quality, and be among the top steel manufacturers of the world.

Our Products

Why Choose BEEKAY Turbo TMT


Thermo-mechanically treated bars add 20% more strength to the concrete structures.


Smaller diameter and high bendability gives high ductility.



Scientifically designed ribs increase the bonding strength that's almost double the BIS specified standards.

Our Valuable Partners

Our Valuable Partners

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